Client: Sensodyne / GSK
Studio: Saddington Baynes

Creative Director: Richard Jones

C4D Animation / X_Particle Simulations: Bart Miko 
Houdini: Jasper Corker-Marin
Compositing: Kathrin Hawelka

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to an exceptional project centered around Sensodyne's groundbreaking product, Sensodyne Complete Protection +. 
In collaboration with Saddington Baynes and our outstanding team, including a visionary director, a wizard in the realm of Houdini magic and superstar compositor, we have advertisement, showcasing the profound cleaning efficacy of the new tooth paste formula.

Our foremost challenge lay in the artful recreation and simulation of pearls dynamically interacting with a tooth model. 
Our proficiency in Isidium's X-Particle plugin  allowed us to achieve this, resulting in a visually captivating animation that resonates with beauty and precision.

The Process


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