Inter X Toothbrush Intro

Client: Elmex
Producer: Colgate-Palmolive Europe

Back in 2020 I had a chance to yet again string my creative muscles, and help with a great creative opportunity to introduce an Elmex brand new model of the toothbrush Inter_X.
As a part of my engagement, there was a need to model a brand new Inter_X toothbrush based on reference photos as the product has been relatively new and there wasn't any existing 3D model we might use for animation.
Then we moved into some highlights of some major features of the brand new Elmex product. 

3d Modeling, Animation, Simulations Rendering, Compositing, VFX 

All made in Maxon's C4D, rendered using Otoy Octane Render Engine and of course assembled and edited Adobe After Effects

#elmex #interx #toothbrush #advert #intro #motiondesign #animation #3d #c4d #octane #product #design

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